Sunday, February 7, 2010

Free Dustin Pike Owl Images For A Good Cause

Dustin Pike is very generous, not only with providing free digi stamps to his readers, but with helping out for a cause.

He is offering three cute little owl images so you can make cards to send to Delia, a 10 year old girl with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

From Dustin's site -
She loves art, photography and really loves owls. I was hoping that there would be some wonderful women or men out there that would love to send her a card of encouragement.

I thought it would bring a smile to Delia's face to be inundated with cards as a special Valentines Day gift from people around the world.
Find out more at the Card For A Little Girl Freebies post at Dustin Pike's blog.


  1. bless you..and thanks you for spreading the world about Delia. She will be smiling for a long time despite her circumstances...its people like you that make this world a better place!

  2. Thanks Jennie. It's a pleasure. It's great to see everyone rallying around for causes like this.


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