Thursday, August 12, 2010

Found A Great Stamping Blog - Selma's Stamping Corner

With so many blogs, there is always something to learn, something to marvel at and something to be inspired by. So I was delighted to discover Selma's Stamping Corner which ticks all those boxes beautifully.

I'll be going back to visit regularly. I also want to have a really good look at Selma's Rose Tutorial for beautiful pink paper and vellum roses and the Crepe Flower Tutorial.

I'm also a big Just Rite Stamps fan, so was pleased to see lots of wonderful ideas for Just Rite projects. Selma generously shares her tips and how to's.

I encourage you to head on over to Selma's Stamping Corner and explore.

Ah.... so many great blogs... so little time.


  1. Wow Yvonne. You really made my day. I am so happy you enjoy my blog. I love to create and share what I learn with others. I really appreciate you sharing my blog with others. You are so sweet. Now I'm off to see all your creative ideas. Thanks again.

  2. You are very welcome Selma. You have a great blog.


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