Friday, August 27, 2010

Pink Card Making Inspiration

Aren't they gorgeous?

I photographed these beautiful pink begonias in the Begonia House in Ballarat, Australia.

I was all set to come home and grow begonias myself, I was so in love with the delicate blooms. Alas, I found out they won't grow in my area, as it's too hot.

Pink Inspiration Card Making
Next best thing, make some pink flower inspired cards, and a good excuse to buy all things pink. I've gathered yummy pink ribbons, flowers and paper in all shades. Oh and yes, of course pink bling.

I have the pink inspiration and the card making materials. Now, I just have to get to and actually make the cards.

I may not have pink begonias in my garden, but I still have the gorgeous photos to inspire me. Can you grow begonias in your area?

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